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Jan Grenner
Lecturing Staff

German Film Composer, Music Educator and Music Technology Specialist. One of the lead lecturers on the Film Scoring Summer Program.

Debbie Smith
Recording & Mix Engineer

Music Producer, Music Editor, Educator and Principal Recording Engineer for the Film Scoring Academy of Europe & the Film Scoring Summer Program.

Ronan Scolard
Lecturing Staff

Commercial Composer and Production Manager at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe

George Christopoulos
Guest Lecturer

Director of the Oticons European Film Composers Agency, Guest Lecturer in Career Development and Music Business

Dimiter Fournadgiev

Pianist for various recording sessions on the Film Scoring Summer Program

Derek Gleeson
Artistic Director

Artistic Director of the European Academy of Fine Arts. Internationally renowned classical conductor and film music educator.

Conor O'Boyle
Lecturing Staff

Film composer, orchestrator, and founder of MusTalk, a Podcast of discussions with film music industry professionals.

Norman Ludwin
Guest Lecturer

Hollywood Orchestrator for Michael Giacchino whose credits include Jurassic World, Inside Out, Star Trek Into Darkness, and more

Andy Hill
Guest Lecturer

Former Vice President of Music Production at Disney, Author of "Scoring the Screen: The Secret Language of Film Music", and MFA Director at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe

Brendan Hayes
Video Production

Videography of the 4 Recording Sessions on the Film Scoring Summer Program

Jeremy Leidhecker
Director of Administration

Director of Administration for the European Academy of Fine Arts. Orchestrator, Conductor, Music Technology and MIDI Mockups Specialist.

Christo Pavlov
Score Supervisor

Bulgaria's top-call orchestrator, conductor, and music supervisor. Lecturer in orchestration and Music Supervisor for all recording sessions.

Wilhelm von Dungen
Lecturing Staff

Assistant to Christopher Young. Orchestrator, conductor, and music producer.

Nadejda Tzanova
Solo Pianist

Renowned Bulgarian pianist, Nadejda Tzanova will perform the 1st Solo Piano recording session 

Néstor Romero Clemente
Lecturing Staff and Videography

Video Content Manager for the European Academy of Fine Arts, Film Composer and Director

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