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Empty Beach

Jeremy Leidhecker

Director of Administration
Director of Summer &
Online Programs

Derek Gleeson 3.png

Derek Gleeson

Artistic Director



Debbie Smith

Studio Engineer

Recording & Mixing Faculty

Wilhelm von Dungen.jpg

Wilhelm von Dungen

Lecturing Faculty

Ronan Scolard 2.png

Ronan Scolard

Director of Enrolment Management

Conor O'Boyle Colour_edited.jpg

Conor O'Boyle

Lecturing Faculty

Host of FSAE Guided Screenings

Mark Kuypers Update.jpg

Mark Kuypers

Lecturing Faculty
Online Program Course Leader

Petar Filming.png

Petar Petkov

Videography Manager

Norman Ludwin.jpeg

Norman Ludwin

Orchestration Faculty

on all FSAE Programs

Petya Milanova Headshot.png

Petya Milanova

Operations Manager

Coordinator of Student Life

George Christopoulos (credit - Marek Kruszewski).jpg

George Christopoulos

Business of Film Music

Niki Petrov_edited.jpg

Niki Petrov

Score Supervisor


Andy Hill

Director of Studies

Director of MFA Program

Alex Atanassov.png

Alex Atanassov

Production Manager

Film Scoring Academy of Europe


Arthur Brouns

Technology Manager


Christo Pavlov

Score Supervisor

The FSAE Shot.jpg
Film Scoring Academy of Europe
The New Standard in Media Scoring Education
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